Unique made to order cables

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Double shielded coaxial cable design with a low capacitance. Wrapped in a quality black Techflex and Terminated with Rean ends. Thinner and more flexible than other brands. Great sounding and good for all applications.

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This cable was designed in house and is an RSD exclusive. 3 twisted pairs of silver-plated stranded copper. Wrapped in a quality black Techflex and terminated with Rean ends. This is a great sounding cable that is hard to beat at this price point. Our most popular cable.

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Ultra and Ultra R - These are handmade cables with 3 twisted pairs of silver-plated solid conductor copper. The Ultra-R uses the standard Rean connectors and Techflex. While the Ultra uses a Composite connector for the lowest mass possible. The Ultra series also features a special noise reduction TechFlex (only offered in black). These cables are extremely detailed and natural.

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Made from the same 75 ohm coaxial cable used in our concert line. Double shielded coaxial cable with black Techflex. Several connection options are available. 3.5, 2.5, rca, 

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Handmade using the same great wires used to make our 3xT line. Twisted pairs of stranded silver-plated copper conductors. Wrapped in a braided tinned copper shield. Covered in a quality black Techflex. Offered with gold plated USB-A, USB-B, and USB-C connectors.

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Need something not listed. Please contact us to see if we can make something special for you.


Why go custom?

Get the great sound you want. With our made to order cables. We offer several different cable choices. We will match the right cable to your needs. Each cable has a sound and quality that is unique. Don't settle for the standard cables offered by everyone else. Get the exact length and look you want. Without sacrificing sound quality.

Ask about our test cables. Try before you buy.

The RSD Custom Cables story

This all got started with my desire to have custom length cables that fit my install theme. I was building a competition sound quality car and wanted an install to be proud of. I am by nature a do-it-yourself kind of person. So I asked questions and did some research. Having a background in electronic repair and assembly the first batch came out pretty good.

I was never a believer in cables making a difference in the sound. However the more I made and tested the more I found out I was wrong. The drive to find the competitive edge and my new found passion for cables is what drives me to always be thinking of what is next. Follow RSD on Facebook to see the evolution as it happens.

As I learn and improve I make my findings available to everyone. No snake oil claims or fancy sales talk full of emotional buzz words. Just great sounding cables at reasonable prices. You should not have to be a captain of industry to afford quality. Don't let your cables be the weak link in your sound system!